About the Ice Boxes

The boxes were designed by Stark Architecture in Vancouver to mimic the city’s mountains and unique building culture. The Ice Boxes design seeks to capture one such view and present it abstractly.

Each Ice Box sits tightly on its own platform. The Ice Boxes are built with timber studs and plywood. The Passive House Ice Box is over-insulated with Rockwool insulation and its window is triple-glazed from Cascadia Windows, according to the Passive House Standard. SIGA tapes are added to create an air tight envelope.

Both structures are clad in treated oriented strand board, which is painted and waterproofed.

The Ice Boxes and platforms were built offsite, then delivered and pieced together onsite.


Feel free to investigate the Ice Boxes. Peer into the windows. Note the differences between the Ice Boxes and how Passive House design helps to keep the summer heat out and the cool air in.

Take up a bench and admire the artwork painted by Oli-B.